TCL 99.8 cm (40 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 40S62FS (Black) Pros Cons and Reviews

TCL Smart TV Pros:

  • Wonderful sound.
  • No lag on WIFI
  • You tube and Netflix running super smooth.
  • It has installed TCast app by which phone content can easily be views on TCL smart TV and YouTube videos can also be casted. Great experience about this app.
  • Working very good with Dish TV channel browsing is also smooth(believe me that’s what we use tv for, everyday)

TCL Smart TV Cons:

  • External apps can’t be installed. Therefore forget Amazon prime, alt Balaji, Jio tv, hotstar etc etc.
  • Very few apps are present in TV only YouTube and Netflix is actually usable (Other than these 2 all other apps are useless)
  • Given external apps cannot be installed on this TV consider buy MI TV . If considering TV for browsing through WiFI.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Best clarity for1080Pixel HD videos, for 720Pixel not much clarity so do have 1080P videos always. Need to use HD setup boxes for HD clarity. Just to feel quality experience, network Jack, Jack for head phone and Jack for home theatre are there good enough to have at this price range.
  2. Best Picture clarity, Audio, similar to other TV sound. Mobile Screen casting works perfectly well, just go to TV settings and select WiFi display. Install a third party screen cast app from play store. Laptop screen sharing also works perfectly with Windows 10 built-in Wi-fi display options. WiFi speed is good, Netflix full HD plays perfectly nice. Good value for money.
  3. This TV is absolutely worth the price. Internet connectivity is smooth and handy. I have been watching enjoying NETFLIX and Prime past 1 month and it goes without a glitch. If you are willing to go for a smart TV but don’t wish to spend extravagant money then this TV should certainly be your first choice.

Top Negative reviews:

  1. I faced a lot of problems with this TV, initial watching YouTube 30-40 minutes continuous it’s going to throw service declined message and viewing halt, then remote power button not work wherever all alternative buttons work, I checked in my mobile via T-cast, same issue, so confirmed that this can be not remote issue, rather software issue, then power ON issue raised, TV not operating, and stopped, that’s all. Requested to repair this TV and process return.
  2. I purchased 32 inch TCL smart TV, once in every three months, there is panel board problem and service is also not nice, they are taking more than 30 days to replace. So better don’t purchase TCL tv.
  3. The major problem which I have faced with this TV is sound quality in few HD channels’. Sound output comes as exactly when CD/DVD gets stuck. To avoid this, either I need to restart TV or remove HDMI cable, reconnect it back. I got a replacement and second one also has same issue. Now I am again returning it.

Question and Answers:

Question: Can we watch youtube on tv?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it support screen mirroring?
Answer: Yes by app.

Question: Can we connect this TV with laptop?
Answer: Yes through HDMI.

Question: Does this can be connected with bluetooth?
Answer: No Bluetooth connecting.

Question: Is it wall mount?
Answer: Yes.

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