Shinco 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV SO32AS (Black) Pros Cons and Reviews

Shinco TV Pros:

  • Picture Quality is just superb especially with HD content.
  • Sound quality is good for average room size…
  • Apps like You Tube, Hot star; Amazon Prime and Net Flix all run very smoothly…..

Shinco TV Cons:

  • No Bluetooth.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. I was really doubtful about buying this TV. Who knows what Shinto is? I still forget the name. Just think how you’d feel about buying a TV which can’t returned for a refund. You would try your best in finding flaws in the product, right? So that you’ll be able to return it and at least get a replacement. I thought of doing that again and again until they get fed up of sending me replacements and give me a refund instead. I know you’d not believe me. I still think this is the best TV anyone could find, at least for next 5 years.
  2. I doubted at first but I am surprized with the picture and sound quality……JUST awesome!!!! The user interface is amazing and user friendly and all the apps work without any lag… Really worth it!! For anyone looking for a smart TV, this is the perfect option!! Great product Shinto!!
  3. I am highly pleased with this TV quality, features and price of this product. I strongly assure for this quality product to people who want to buy a smart TV but are on a budget. Now I can watch all my online movies and sports using the app like YouTube or Hot star on this TV. All these apps and many more are preinstalled on this TV. Just Connect to the internet and enjoy the high picture quality viewing on this amazing Smart TV.

Top Negative reviews:

  1. Totally waste, don’t buy this TV. This doesn’t have voice recognition and no play store and no more app to install its internal. 5gb then 3gb only space in memory totally waste very dull picture quality Wi-Fi performance very poor sometimes comes green line and TV should be hang no use SHARE it for file transfer totally waste don’t buy guys. When updates TV facing lot of issue and no system update option to android update auto restart many issue face in 2days.
  2. The product is not good and customer care is not attending the call for installation and repair issue bad customer care support.
  3. The worst thing is you cannot change the colour sharpness brightness while using apps or usb. Only in set top box and hdmi mode you can do it. Otherwise contrast and colour is too high… Everything appears reddish.

Question and Answers:

Question: Is wifi connectivity?
Answer: Yes.

Question: How does TV will be installed?
Answer: seller will send his man for installation after delivery.

Question: Does this TV have Bluetooth?
Answer: NO.

Question: Is it supports Netflix and Amazon Prime?
Answer: Yes.

Question: It has warranty?
Answer: One year by shincoo.

Question: Is it support play store?
Answer: There is app store, but not Google play store.

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