Samsung 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD LED Smart TV UA43N5300AR (Black) (2018 model) Pros Cons and Reviews

Samsung 108 cm Full HD LED Smart TV-Pros-Cons
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Samsung 43 Inches Full HD LED Smart TV Pros:

  • Decent sound and picture quality.
  • Connectivity is nice.
  • Prime, Netflix, Jiocimema, Hotstar supported.
  • Smart Features are good at this price range. Viewing angles are great.
  • Concert like experience ,Sound is literally loud and clear due to 40W surround speakers.
  • Mirror casting can be easily done.
  • Internet connection is very smooth and the User Interface is also very smooth.
  • You can connect your Keyboard and Mouse using Bluetooth and it will increase your speed while browsing and typing.
  • Worth for money spent.

Samsung 43 Inches Full HD LED Smart TV Cons:

  • No voice remote.
  • No Wi-Fi password savings option. After disconnect you have to enter every time while connecting.
  • Only pre-installed applications.
  • No play store option.
  • No Viu, Alt Balaji, Hoichoi, Vodafone Play and Voot support yet.
  • 3 star energy rating.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Sound quality is awesome. Picture quality is nice for HD channels. SD channels are normal. Mobile casting without net will be done via phone setting. Select options such as wireless display in redmi phone. multi-screen in oppo/real me. It is flawless. Superb and happy with the product. But 2 way bluetooth connection is not coming to me. Only from phone to TV is connecting, from TV to phone it is not connecting.
  2. Amazing Picture and audio quality at this unbeatable price. Overall it’s an first-rate TV in this price range and other brands though less in price do not offer this picture quality. Smart features are also good.
  3. Picture quality is awesome. Better than 4K TV. You can verify it from showroom yourself. You will notice the difference. Sound Quality – crisp clean sound with loudness. No need of sound bar.Smart Features – you get Netflix and Amazon prime. Worth every penny. Decent picture and sound quality. Mirror casting is awesome. What else you need out of a TV

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. It has not even a month since I bought this television and there are sound quality issues. Not happy with the quality of the purchase from a famous company like Samsung.
  2. Waste product Please don’t buy this TV money and totally time waste. Poor build quality. Sound crashes at some times. Not happy with instillation at all.
  3. Should have added 1 more USB port to this TV. Hot star is not available. TV installation was a little bit delayed. Samsung’s built-in mobile app which boast of connecting with the smart TV, doesn’t work at all, rather 3rd party apps for Screen mirroring works completely good.

Question and Answers:

Question: Mention details of warranty?
Answer: Comprehensive warranty for one year only.
But additional one year warranty for panel only.

Question: Can i use Google and you tube on this TV?
Answer: Yes it’s a smart TV and you can connect ur WIFI router to the TV and watch YouTube, amazon prime, Netflix.

Question: Does this TV require a voltage stabiliser?
Answer: No it doesn’t, however if you live in a area with too much voltage fluctuations, then it’s better to have stabiliser

Question: Does the TV’s wireless card support 5 GHz band?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it have motion sensor, dongle?
Answer: No motion sensor. You can connect a dongle.

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