Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm (49) Full HD Android TV (Black) Pros Cons Reviews

Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm Pros Cons
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Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm (49) Full HD Android TV Pros:

  • Picture quality and nice sound system is Very Good.
  • Nice TV with Android & Chrome cast facility in Low Cost.
  • Wi-Fi functionality is nice.
  • Google voice search works nice.
  • Chormecast working is good .

Mi LED TV 4A PRO 123.2 cm (49) Full HD Android TV Cons:

  • Amazon Prime Video & Netflix could not be find by pre-loaded and not been installed by play store.
  • I could not found any pre-loaded browser by default.
  • Using computer we can install some apps like (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix & Chrome)
  • We could not choose default TV Input (AV Mode) when we switch on TV. We have to choose input source for AV Mode every time when we put on TV.

Top positive reviews:

  1. Powerful processor for 4K media playback, App installation via USB is good, Built in Chrome cast feature, Bluetooth remote and Voice Command works well.
  2. Very nice product sound quality is amazing and video quality is like a HD overall this is awesome product.
  3. Picture & sound quality is quite good. Internet connectivity, screen mirroring working fine. Full hd video from Internet works fine .patch wall experience is good. Voice tool in tv remote is very helpful feature. Worth of money.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity is frequently disconnecting. Slow performance. After Wi-Fi got disconnected, we don’t get options to select any other, you have to restart it. Apps performance very slow.
  2. When using Cable and Non HD plans, picture quality is not good, we cannot download all the apps from Google play. There are certain limitations and Out of 8 gb we will get 3 to 4gb internal memory.
  3. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are absent form Play Store but as promised by MI that they will be soon available this is manageable.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does it have voice search remote?
Answer: Yes, it has.

Question: Does this TV have LAN ( rj45) connection?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can i connect to ps4?
Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Do we expand its memory?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it require stabilizer? If yes, kindly suggest me one?
Answer: No.

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