Mi LED Smart TV 4X Pro 138.8 cm (55) Pros Cons and Reviews

Mi LED Smart TV Pros :

  • Good UI
  • Recent Sound, no thumps
  • awesome Picture Quality
  • great Connectivity
  • excellent Quality of Built Material.

Mi LED Smart TV Cons :

  • Hate that Remote won’t work for most of the apps. You need to buy a Wireless Mouse or a Pad remote or buy a Bluetooth Mouse because the wireless ones won’t go really far since the usb ports are at the back which makes the range very near.
  • NETFLIX DOES NOT WORK. There are a lot of videos you have to watch in order to install Netflix without a Chrome cast or a fire stick and shell out like 4 to 6k for a decent one. Even if you install one among them, at that instant remote is useless as you can’t scroll or even do anything.
  • The viewing angel sucks.
  • The built material is just satisfactory.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Nice TV in this value range. Image quality is nice. Connectivity is great. Boot time is more. Service is nice. Sound quality is average. And one more issue that use mi ir cable with the TV for more comfort it work with my Tata sky dth however do not use it for local TV cable network setup box because it’s not working with ucn cable network. Overall it’s nice TV .
  2. Good image quality in reasonable value, headphone output jack not given, sound quality average, Attractive voice commanding remote.
  3. This mi 4k 4xpro video quality was smart. I tuned the settings according to our room conditions. colours are accurate 85th, black are smart 85th, contrast was therefore dynamic ,skin tones are nearly correct. However you have got to set to contrast and back light to minimal to assure true skin tones and room lighting conditions. In order that it’ll not harmful to look at from near to far.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. This TV is extremely bad and not expected from xiaomi brand. I agree they manufacture smart mobiles however this TV is incredibly bad. Once viewing this TV together with a full HD TV, the colors are more natural on full HD TV. You’ll not get pleasure from the 4k experience at all instead its pain full to observe during this TV. Wi-Fi connection keeps disconnecting as all told the mi line-up TV’s. Sound output is loud however that is not all you wish to listen to once watching a movie, it isn’t right. I request each of you to visit mi home center to look at the displayed TV personally then decide.
  2. Everything is okay… but speaker connectivity is worst… there’s only hdmi arc connectivity possibility… because Bluetooth connectivity is worst… I even have a speaker with Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.1 also… but it delivers cracking sound… therefore consider before buying because you should have audio system wh8ch supports Hdmi arc connectivity…
  3. Audio isn’t smart; even it cannot compare to normal TV in Audio. No proper BASS and Surround choices. Not a user friendly android TV. You do not have options of installing the Chrome Browser, Prime Video. No proper Demo, User Manual.

Question and Answers:

Question : Does it have Bluetooth speaker connectivity?
Answer : Yes, it supports forBluetooth speakers….

Question : can I connect xbox to this tv?
Answer : Yes.

Question : Is Mi TV an Official Android TV?
Answer : Mi TV comes with Patch wall with Android TV, which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Question : Does mobile video will display in TV screen through Wi fi?
Answer : It has built in Google Chromecast so it should, but some apps don’t work.

Question : Is it possible to connect external speakers through 3.5 mm jack. If not which cable will support for external speakers?
Answer : you can connect Bluetooth speakers because there is no 3.5 mm jack there.

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