LG Smart TV 139 cm (55 Inches) 4K UHD LED 55UK6360PTE (Black) (2018 model) Pros Cons and Reviews

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LG Smart TV Pros:

  • First point is it amazing TV for PS4 or Xbox one x gaming. It works like superb and games in HDR look like movie. No lag at all
  • Awesome remote with voice and wi you like curser movement
  • Good picture quality from any angle
  • Great sound quality
  • The patchwall OS is superb
  • Netflix and amazon prime preinstalled
  • Miracast
  • But above all great cinematic picture quality even for HD content which it up scales wonderfully
  • No blur good refresh rate of 120hz
  • Peace of mind that it is LG and not Chinese brand
  • I repeat patch wall is amazing just forget that everything should be android
  • HDR is awesome
  • Dedicated button for Netflix and amazon on remote itself
  • The Netflix HDR content is great to watch on this TV

LG Smart TV Cons:

  • Only con is it is not as thin as some wafer thin screens but it is good and you don’t note it on wall mounting

Top Positive reviews:

  1. The good smart TV available in this price range…picture quality is excellent…Normal HD content also look very Sharpe and clear.AI enabled voice recognition is ahed of age.. Though it is a bit bulky and thick but overall it is superb …i am disappointed at voice front as though the speaker are loud and clear but there is inherent treble in all sound mode that makes the sound a little Harsh..
  2. LG is did a best job again with this 4K model. Don’t compare this with budget range TVs. Instead of spending 50K on China brands and compromise so many things (Sound, Refresh rate, Warranty/Support), go for this by spending another 10-15k. You will enjoy all your money spent and on top of it full peace of Money. LG is great in post-sale service. It’s a wonderful buy. It was quick delivery and super quick installation.
  3. Coming to TV the image quality is awesome. The WebOS user interface is also very neat and user friendly. The number of apps are low but apps of Netflix, Amazon prime, you tube etc works perfectly. You don’t get the apps of Hot star and Sony Liv but the same can be accessed through web browser. (Update: now hot star app is available for webOS). One additional thing that works in its favour is Magic remote and WebOS app on phone, both are outstanding to use, rather LG app is much superior as compared to FireTV app of fire stick. Voice command and mouse pointer both are really helpful. In all great product, you won’t regret buying is TV.

Top Negative reviews:

  1. This TV has very less contrast ratio so picture will not be clear in broad day light. Had seen this TV in reliance however after watching its performance I’m not satisfied. You will not be able to find its contrast ratio anywhere on the internet.

Question and Answers:

Question: Can we download apps such as youtube, netflix, amazon prime into the tv?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the native app store have Plex or could it be installed in any way?
Answer: It have plex app.

Question: Do ths TV support 3.5mm jack for audio output?
Answer: No.

Question: Does this TV have optical fibre port for woofers?
Answer: It has optical connection.

Question: This one supports Dolby vision?
Answer: Yes.

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