BPL TV 109 cm (43 inches) Vivid Full HD LED TV T43BF24A (Black) Pros Cons and Reviews

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BPL TV Vivid Full HD LED Pros:

  • Truly wide angle display.
  • Stunning colours.
  • Good description of image, some proprietary filters utilized by BPL- doing job very well!
  • Truly awful rendering even once connected via RCA to an sd Set-top-box.
  • Handy choices to regulate radiation levels as per eyes’ comfort.
  • A good variety of wired property choices. RCA, VGA, HDMI, Coax, USB 2.0.
  • Audio output choice.

BPL TV Vivid Full HD LED Cons:

  • Sound! Sound!! Sound!!! And Sound!!!! I actually don’t have any plan why they need used such low-profile amplifiers and twitter-like speakers to the present nice piece of product!! you may simply feel it stabbing your ears with shrilling notes- fully laying waste your HDR movie experience!
  • However, audio will always be routed to an external sound bar, and during this case, it’s not a luxury.
  • No decoding of AAC or AAC+ audio, you will need to convert your movie codecs typically to match it for the internal player

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Product is incredibly smart for normal Usage with smart image Quality… However unsuccessful with Volume and No TV Buttons aside from power on / off when 20 + Days of usage trying Best TV for the value
  2. I must say this TV is nice choice during this worth range image clarity is incredibly nice sound is bit ok once more as compared to cost it’s win situation. I got this one in smart offer, therefore if you’re planning to get then watch for some offer that surely comes.
  3. Really nice image quality and sound to. Some individuals have mentioned that it’s low sound and that i am also troubled regarding it. When checking it I even have completed that all of them comparing TV with home theatre not TV. It’s very nice sound don’t worried simply opt for it if you wish beater things in low value.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Not smart the least bit… brightness and contrast level don’t seem to be adjusted the least bit… however as a secondary TV it’s ok… however if you’re looking at TV for a hours… It’ll harm your eyes… contrast and brightness is adjusted to zero (0) however the pic remains on the screen and after you are keeping it on 20+ you may no need to place light/CFL in your area TV itself create such a light-weight in room.
  2. Terribly poor service quality. They need only sales. Anyway I put in the TV by myself, its DIY type. When brand cannot give service, why simply to commit to us. Better you inform it’s a DIY kit, no service needed. additionally product isn’t so nice, simply worth what I paid. Worse than a Chinese product. I don’t know how these brands acquire of such low-cost manufacturer very good sourcing person within the brand.
  3. This TV isn’t smart after I connect cable line image is incredibly bad condition. Screen quality is therefore bad! Client care does not even pick calls it sounds and appears therefore fake!! This TV is completely totally different and not smart at all! No clarity no hd no probability of enjoying this TV so please guys assume before you purchase it honestly!!! It absolutely was such a waste for me like normal TV only it’s wider than normal TV size do not matter.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does it have IPS display?
Answer: No.

Question: It is free wall mount and stand with TV?
Answer: Free standard wall mount enclosed in box.

Question: Can we use play station?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can we connect it to Wi-Fi?
Answer: No.

Question: What is the guarantee provided?
Answer: Warranty Information: one year guarantee provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

Question: Does its smart TV?
Answer: No. this is not a smart TV.

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