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Google to take over Fitbit Company

Fitbit is a popular brand which produces smart watches and also fitness bands Google brought this company for 2.1 billion $ now we can expect new smart watches relished from Google initially facebook taught to buy the fitbit company by offering 1 billion $ but google bought it by offering 2.1 billion $.

Jio featured phone

Jio is selling its featured phone which is at 699 RS this offer is extended to the end of the November month who are interested to buy jio phone can now buy.

Oneplus 6&6T update

Oneplus 6&6T devises are getting android 10 and Oxygen OS 10 update those who are using Oneplus devises check it in the settings.

Motorola fold able smart phone

Motorola is going to launch its first foldable device in to the market on November 13th Motorola razer phone live images are leaked in the internet.

Google pixel 4 & 4XL

The feature which converts the live voice recording in to text is now coming to other pixel devises also Google officially announced that they will provide this feature by giving update to the previous pixel devises.

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