How to Register for a New UPI ID in Any Mobile Phone?

  • To register your UPI ID firstly your mobile number should be linked to your respective bank account and inserted in your phone.
  • In Smart phones apps like Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm, BHIM UPI etc. are used to send money through UPI
  • Make sure that you are on a good internet connection when you come to UPI registration from any of the above apps firstly it will ask you to send SMS from the mobile for verification purpose. If your phone is dual SIM then send allow the SMS to send through the bank registered PhNo. Then it will take few seconds to complete the process successfully.
  • Now you are asked for the ATM card last six digits, CVV, expire date of the card after you are verified as an original owner of that bank ac.
  • Now you have reached the final step to set the UPI pin depending on your bank 4 digit or 6 digit pin is needed to be created by entering it in the given field and conforming it.
  • That’s it your UPI Id is created and you can transfer money to any account or any other UPI Id, check bank balance.

Common problems we face during the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Registering on mobile phones.

Now let us discuss about common problems we face during the upi registration.

Why the UPI app is fails to send SMS?

  • This is because if there is no balance in your registered network or the service from the telecom provider is stopped on your network this is due to not recharging your mobile or validity expires. If it is the reason recharge your mobile and try again
  • If the SMS sent from the another SIM which is not registered with your respective bank ac. Check carefully before sending SMS from which SIM it is been sent or If you feel it difficult try to use only one SIM while registering later on you can change after.
  • If you are using any public or home Wi-Fi, Hotspot most of the cases it won’t work for registering. Try to register using the mobile data connection on your phone or on the same network.
  • You must have an ATM card to register for an UPI Id, but for some banks it is not mandatory such as airtel payments bank, IPPB etc. the directly skip to the creating UPI pin.
  • If in case your phone is Rooted you cannot register for any UPI Id in it.

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