Furny Mint L-Shaped Reversible Sofa (Beige-Brown)

Furny Mint L-Shaped Sofa Pros:

  • Great for small Room: l-shaped sofa will be great for your living area and it can accommodate more people.
  • Easy to decorate: By replacing the covers with new colours or patterns you can easily decorate this sectional sofa. For giving the sofa a fresh look you can have different cushion cover styles.
  • Saves money: The price of a single style sofa is low and it gives what you need for living room furniture.
  • Good for the family: l-shaped sofa has plenty space to spread out and to allow everyone in your family to sit together for close conversation.
  • Comfortable: The sectional sofas are comfortable meanwhile they are covered with quality leather or microfiber fabric.
  • Free up extra space: The sofa can be placed at the corner of the living room for creating some extra space for other furniture.
  • Metropolitan look: The L-shaped sofa gives your living room a classy, elegant,nice and metropolitan look.
  • Extra features: Sectional sofas come with extra features to provide you a stylish design. Features like ottomans, end tables, recliners, adjustable headrests or even mobile phone docks make the sofa wonderful.
  • Customizable sofa: You can arrange the sectional sofas in many ways to fit your room space and meet your wants.

Furny Mint L-Shaped Sofa Cons:

  • Not flexible as it is difficult to re-arrange.
  • It will be difficult to move the sectional sofas.
  • The sectional sofa can obstruct the doorway or window near it.
  • If your sectional sofa is large, it will be difficult for it to pass through the narrow doorways making it difficult to shift it to your home.
  • It is difficult to clean the segmented curved sofa if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner.

Top positive reviews:

  1. It’s a very decent sofa. Matches with the description provided by the seller. This is very easy DIY product.
  2. Good Product and comes with simple installation.
  3. Material and maintenance it’s very nice. Really good for compact hall and good enough for 3 setter.
  4. Fantastic Sofa. My living room is looks beautiful with this sofa. Cushions are comfortable and strong.

Top negative reviews:

  1. Waste of money got damaged within a month. Worst product. No response for fury.
  2. The sofa cracked & broke with in a few days.it is delicate to use. The seller is not reachable over phone & not responding to email. The sofa is of very worst quality.
  3. The right arm has two small planks holding it, one broke when I put hand and tried to get up from the sofa, and quality is pathetic!
  4. This is not a worthy product they have kept sponge inside. It’s probably waste of money.

Question and Answers

Question: Does this come with foam mattress and cushions as shown in pic?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the seating height of this product?
Answer: 16 Inches.

Question: The 4 th seat is attached or separate chair as it says its reversible?
Answer: reversible means you can set it left or right.

Question: With sofa will i get those sofa seats and covers as well??
Answer: Yes, these come along with this product.

Question: What type of clothes use in this item?
Answer: Fabric and leatherette both are used.

Question: What about pillows, pillows are in the box or not?
Answer: Yes pillows are part of the product.

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