Samsung Washing Machine 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load (Imperial Silver, WA62M4100HY/TL) Pros Cons and Reviews

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Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Pros:

  • Just put clothes, detergent, and plug into tap and forget. It’ll do a fine washing. Really automatic.
  • Washing quality is of impressive
  • Powerful motor for rotation.

Samsung Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Cons:

  • A lot of water is required for washing. This is a little drawback, as water is scarce in some areas.
  • Clothes get twisted more.
  • Takes a bit more time for the operation.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Useful functionality, Excellent build quality and great output, what defines this machine. Often we pay for lots of functionalities that we don’t use at all… I recommend this machine for general everyday users.
  2. This product is truly good and nice looking, i’m glad to buy this product, all the features are working correctly and it was best one than any other companies
  3. Outstanding machine for a family of 4 people. Flawlessly washes and dries the clothes. Holds the actual size and texture of the cloth. Easy to operate. It a very silent machine as well as it’s very compact. Happy with this purchase. The person who installed the machine was very helpful as well and gave a perfect demo.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. It is taking more time… when power goes off while machine is running it start from beginning… So it consumes time, water and power.
  2. It is not working properly, Auto function not working. Customer service team has taken request for replacement of this product. Waiting for new arrival. Hope that will work correctly.
  3. This product was never installed by any team since they never reached. And now the machine is making much noise during spinning. The drain tube is very small, panel in front side machine with laminate damage can failure the panel quickly not durable

Question and Answers:

Question: Can this washing machine dry clothes?
Answer: Sure. The clothes dry upto 70-75%. Just you need to hang your clothes for air.

Question: Does it work fine with salt water?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Machine has steel body or fibre body?
Answer: Fiber.

Question: Warranty on motor?
Answer: 2 years.

Question: Does this have overload alert?
Answer: No.

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