Haier Washing Machine 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (White, HWM58-020) Pros Cons and Reviews

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Haier Washing Machine Pros:

  • Clothes cleaning is good, i don’t say extraordinary because i don’t see such level of output but good
  • Price vs Performance
  • Tub size is nice, it’s recommendable for 3 to 4 members in a family
  • Silent working, not too much noisy
  • Best when we use Matic washing powder
  • Water consumption is also less
  • Good for Daily washables such as shirts, pants, towels, ladies wear and even for blankets.
  • Looks good and not occupying much space
  • Clothes coming out almost dried. I can say 80%.
  • Less weight

Haier Washing Machine Cons:

  • It is taking much time to soak for washing Jeans
  • Plastic body
  • No trolly wheels at the bottom, hard to move

Top Positive reviews:

  1. It’s an awesome product. I purchased this after researching a lot on net and in markets. Delivery is fast that too before due date. Packing was neat. I have used it 5, 6 times. Functions are sufficient for normal day’s loads for 3, 4 persons’ cloths. Spin is almost of less noise. Smooth working. Love this compact machine.
  2. Wonderful product…… After ten days of using my views is excellent product, Installation and demo was easy to understand… Working very nice… It has six washing options… Quick wash option is remarkable and four of my dresses can be washed within 11 minutes ….Good machine…. thank you haier.
  3. Product is great; bath tub is bigger than BPL washing machine which is said to be of 6.2 kgs… Operation is quite simple and easy to understand. Since its compact, it will not occupy much space. Working condition is smooth and machine doesn’t make any noise. After 1st use, I can say this is Amazing.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Absolutely pathetic machine started staining my white colored clothes. Totally disappointed with this after sales service by Haier India for a product under warranty. The service engineer came to inspect and mentioned that the drum has got rusted and needs to be replaced.
  2. Useless and worst Product. Its Vibration and sound will irritate you like anything. In such a tech-savvy era, this Product Proves to be outdate with no control over its Vibration and sound. Don’t buy this even for free!!
  3. When it’s time to spin…the machine goes on standby and starts beeping. I need to open the lid and place it, for the spin to restart working. This has to be frequent for every spin. This is not the way that how an automatic washing machine works.

Question and Answers:

Question: How does this product work with hard water?
Answer: Its works good.

Question: Can we need to soak before wash for this machine?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Buzzer available?
Answer: Yes buzzer available.

Question: Does it require continuous water or not?
Answer: Yes it needs continuous supply.

Question: Can we dry cloths in this machine?
Answer: No. It doesn’t have a dryer. You need to dry them separately outside.

Question: Does this washing is come with water inlet pipe?
Answer: Yes.

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