LG Refrigerator 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(Shiny Steel, Inverter Compressor, GL-I292RPZL.APZZEBN) Pros Cons and Reviews

LG Refrigerator Pros:

  • Build in stabilizer and having linear Inverter as well as SOLAR opera table Fridge
  • Star energy rating
  • Very great Cooling
  • Glass shelves are of very nice quality
  • Door lock and Open Door alarm
  • I must say, overall quality of product is very nice, for family of 2-3 persons,
  • Has smart connect feature

LG Refrigerator Cons:

  • Racks are permanent no additional racks are provided to adjust big utensils
  • Freezer does not have LED light however it is mentioned in the product features
  • Compressor area is open; LG has not provided any external cover for compressor
  • Bottle holder is of normal size, can not fit big bottle holder like Samsung fridge.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. It has fantastic cooling mechanism. To test, I kept it in lowest possible cooling in freezer and lower compartment still it’s a champ. It’s with 4 star rating and power saving is nice as expected. You don’t have to buy an extra stabilizer it has inbuilt. It’s equipped with sufficient compartments to accommodate the all kinds of house hold requirements like vegetable tray, water bottle compartment etc.
  2. Good cooling, I was using old refrigerator so quite a nice upgrade. Less sound. Good size. Space is also nice. No dedicated space for fruit. Cooling adjustment is little bit difficult.
  3. Really one of the best refrigerators from LG. I highly recommend everyone to go for it. Thanks to LG for this reasonable price and safe delivery… Best refrigerator, my family is happy with this refrigerator.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. I bought this fridge keeping in mind that this will solve my issues. But this has increased my issues. Bought it and was thinking to relax for some years. Today is 18 months completed and cooling problem started and it cost me 3k more to resolve this. Technicians even don’t know about the parts. They will charge 500 for a visit and just clean the parts. When I went to give my fridge to the service center…there were 3 fridge already for servicing for the same model .either this model has some defects or LG is now no more reliable. Please always buy from nearby shops so that you can check all the things and with extended warranty.
  2. Highly disappointed. This was my first experience in purchasing a refrigerator. I purchased a LG 260 4Star refrigerator. This product is defective and there is absolutely poor cooling. The LG technician did a pathenic job on installation as well. I want to return the product and tried to reach out to services. This technician who visited didn’t know where the temperature control knob is placed inside the refrigerator.
  3. Getting some big sound from fridge, I complained to customer care but no response, minor problem in door need to resolve.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does this fridge have a convertible freezer?
Answer: No.

Question: Does this fridge require stabilizer?
Answer: No, it requires no stabilizer. It worked fine for me even with lots of power fluctuation at my place…

Question: Can this fridge be connected to inverter and is it foster free ?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can the deep freezer be set to off mode?
Answer: No. You can adjust cooling separately for deep freezer.

Question: Does it have an alarm?
Answer: Yes.

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