Canon Pixma Printer G3000 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Colour Printer Pros Cons and Reviews

Canon Pixma Printer Pros:

  • Auto wake function, even if your printer is off, it’ll start if you provide a print command (provided, it’s plugged on to the socket)
  • Fast printouts
  • Good quality scanner
  • Occupy less space on your table
  • Less clutter on your table, as it is not having too several wires
  • Less price per print compared to inkjet printers (yet to be confirmed, can update later once a month’s usage)

Canon Pixma Printer Cons:

  • Too complicated to setup
  • No auto duplex
  • No ADF
  • No display board

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Price (same options model with wireless cost 3k additional for Epson) and 2. This Supports Borderless printing from 4×6 sizes up to A4 size. That means you do not got to cut of edges once printing as per won’t be any borders, The Utility software system together with the package is kind of good. I used it to scan and print wirelessly and it worked sort of a charm. Wireless connection is extremely stable.
  2. The print quality is nice and it’s totally simple to put in and use. It’s printed about 3000 copies and yet it still printing. I recommend this to all and those who are searching for an economy printing solution. And not only printing it is also terribly fast in scanning and xerox.
  3. The print quality is nice and best I believe for the value range, the designed quality is also smart, however to put in wireless it took me a while, also to change the wireless user name and password had to download canon selphy app. Thanks to the vendor for the 2 extra black ink bottles.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. The initial setup of the printer is such a painful method. No matter steps were provided in brochure does not work and side to that Canon’s contact page does not open. My view of Canon has utterly changed. i’m awaiting seller to get back with my issue and if not, can proceed with a product return and decide on higher printer product
  2. Very expensive Ink from Canon, Printer already stopped operating within 6 months. It never worked properly since day one, Had to follow all troubleshooting before every print. If used with the other Ink then the printer stops operating with Error Code: 5B00
  3. Print out quality of color prints is super pathetic, Color photograph prints are terribly dull, begin sucks up so much colour inks of all 3 colors that the tank is nearly 0.5 empty, even before you’re taking your first color print !, Over all, an entire NO to go ahead for this one …

Question and Answers:

Question: Can I use gloss paper?
Answer: Yes you’ll be able to use a glossy paper up to 275 gsm in thickness.

Question: It has the wifi direct or through router?
Answer: from both wifi and router also work.

Question: Does it Colors black and white print?
Answer: Yes both.

Question: Can we scan doc and send directly to mobile using wifi?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it mandatory to use printer daily?
Answer: No it not mandatory, daily use. But you not switch off printer as a result of ink are dry.

Question: How many inkpots can come with box?
Answer: 5 bottles. A pair of black ink and 3 color.

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