Samsung Monitor 23.5 inch (59.8 cm) Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor – Full HD, VA Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio Ports (LC24F390FHWXXL (Black)) Pros Cons and Reviews

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Samsung Monitor Pros:

  • Great picture quality.
  • Protect your eyes.
  • HD Quality is good.
  • Sync with GPU
  • Have VGA, HDMI, Audio Plugs.
  • Suitable for wall mount.
  • OLED like contrast ratio: Blacks appear black unlike IPS / TN when viewed from front.
  • Colors are vivid and bright: Decent for gaming and watching movies.
  • Low Response Time and high refresh rate while using AMD Free Sync.

Samsung Monitor Cons:

  • Does not come calibrated out of the box and we need to adjust RGB values manually for color accurate work.
  • Viewing angle not that good since color and contrast shifts slightly while viewing from side.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. My desktop is really great. The screen is outstanding. Nice picture quality and the curve give a superior feel. My desktop user experience makes me feel very nice. Well, i got a good machine. And this suits my need.
  2. This monitor is good. I use this desktop for gaming and graphical works. Great colour reproduction. Brightness and viewing angles are nice. Very lightweight. I don’t know the reason but My eyes feel less stressed after working with this.
  3. Brilliant monitor with great colors and clarity. Using it with my laptop for getting two screen workstation, and it’s good for coding, playing games, and movie watching. All in all outstanding purchase. I had beautiful nature wallpaper in my previous Lenovo 18.5 wide screen. The moment I plugged in the monitor, the nature wallpaper came alive. It’s so immersive and 3D type effect. The contract is a bit on the lesser side but still, now I cannot live without this monitor.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Right off the bat, the backlight bleeding issue is horrifying, no true contrast ratio so the picture is always seems to be washed out, will tinker with the settings to see what can be done.
  2. It has backlight bleeding issue and 2 corners turned gray within 3 days, got the replacement but problems remain same in new product also. Unfortunately there is no refund option available for this product and had to settle down with same product.
  3. If you sit exactly in middle then it is good… If you are seeing from side then it sucks… Edges are darker than middle.. Picture quality s nice… viewing angle is poor.. Power button is in back side and not easy to use… Max frame rate 60 hz… 3 years warranty.

Question and Answers:

Question: Is this monitor is Full HD (1080p)?
Answer: Yes this is full hd monitor.

Question: Does hdmi port are available?
Answer: Yes, hdmi fully worked with this Monitor, i am using it.

Question: Does this support 4k?
Answer: NO.

Question: Is this for gaming?
Answer: NO, look for G series for gaming monitor.

Question: Does this monitor have IPS panel?
Answer: No.

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