HP Monitor 21.5 inch (54.6 cm) Edge to Edge LED Backlit Computer Monitor – Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI Ports (22ES (Silver/Black)) Pros Cons and Reviews

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HP Monitor Pros:

  • Absolutely Attractive Monitor
  • Easy to step up
  • HDMI and VGA
  • Great IPS display
  • Great build
  • Durable
  • Slim monitor

HP Monitor Cons:

  • Need Separate Speaker.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. This monitor is an absolute great performance. Its eye catching looks and thin bezel makes up for an superb experience. The product comes with an HDMI cable, VGA cable and power accessories. The only con is that it lacks speakers, but otherwise it’s a really great monitor, bright colors and outstanding for gaming.
  2. Being used it for over a year and a half. The monitor is amazing at its price point. However, the control buttons on my screen started malfunctioning. But HP service was good and they replaced the monitor altogether. Overall, the picture quality is nice. The bezels are thin except at its chin. Looks beautiful.
  3. One of the best monitors I’ve ever used. Has a very smart design and it’s picture quality is excellent. The thing that amazed me the most is that this monitor is almost bezel-less having an edge-to-edge display… This monitor is best at this purchase and for the buck I have spent on it. Purchase it without any second thought.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. The monitor worked good for few days and then the display started having problems – green dots or pink lines all over the screen. The display is fine on my other monitor so it’s definitely problem with this monitor and not my display card.
  2. The seller Appario is not responding to mails. The monitor stopped working and I can’t claim warranty because there’s no serial number mentioned in the invoice. Unsatisfied with the product and the seller
  3. Product seems nice, but power cable is missing ( adapter is with the pack ) but power cable was not in the cable I am using my old monitor power cable now. What if it was my first monitor? One star for this monitor.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does the box include VGA cable?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What items are given inside the package?
Answer: led, power adaptar, hdmi cable.

Question: Can I connect my ps4?
Answer: Yes offcourse you can use your ps4…..

Question: Is this monitor wireless or wired?
Answer: Wired.

Question: Does the stand allow height to be adjusted?
Answer: No. only tilt adjustable.

Question: Does it have a mouse and keyboard?
Answer: No. It is only monitor.

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