VIVO V3 Smartphone, Gold Pros Cons and Reviews

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VIVO V3 Smartphone, Gold Pros:

  • Looking & Display is awsome ( no viewing angle issues),
  • Less bloat wares.
  • 2year of warranty.
  • No heating Issues while charging with both 1a & 2a chargers.
  • Quick and fast fingerprint scanner.
  • Works with Reliance jio both voice and video.

VIVO V3 Smartphone, Gold Cons:

  • Over hyped Chinese product.
  • No Fast charging for 2a charging adaptor,
  • Camera: both front & back seems like an 2mp camera phone results in washed out pictures.
  • No Multi Colour LED notification,
  • No 1080p display (at least), or AMOLED Display,
  • No guaranteed for future OS updates,
  • Less mah battery capacity,
  • Doesn’t support various multimedia formats for higher resolution.

Top positive reviews:

  1. GUI is like IPhone and awesome phone, nothing to say, Performance is top notch. No heating problem. Camera is good. It’s with screen protector and back cover transparent.Build quality is more than expected.
  2. The finger print sensor is very fast, touch is also feel very nice, camera is good, Overall good, fast working.
  3. A perfect smartphone. Bought it in end 2016. Still working nice even after two years. No complaints on battery life or value for money. Screen size is just apt. Plus points are it has Good storage, Fast speed, sleek n handy, finger print works really well and no heating issues.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. If you are using 3G or 4G most of time then you need to charge two times a day.It takes 2 hrs to full charge.
  2. No notification led light, the ear phones you get in box is Not good.
  3. It gives audio and battery problems after one year of usage. I don’t recommend this phone due to its poor battery.

Question and Answers:

Question: how much dpi is the screen?
Answer: 295.

Question: Does this phone support 4g in both sim slot?
Answer: no. Only sim1 supports 4g.

Question: Does it support volte?
Answer: Yes, it supports.

Question: Does this product have finger print scanner?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does this have led notification light?
Answer: Yes, it has.

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