Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Coral Blue, 128 GB) Pros Cons and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Pros:

  • Infiniti display looks attractive and is one of the best displays in market as of now. (compared with IPhone X, Pixel 2 and other flagships)
  • Camera setup on this phone is very nice, you get good pictures in low light as well as in live focus mode.
  • Speakers are loud and have nice sound quality.
  • Packed with a lot of features from Samsung (edge lighting, always on display, gestures, camera app has a bunch of options)
  • Phone is superfast and features like Bixby and slow motion camera are attractive cool.
  • One of the premium display ever in a smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Cons:

  • Battery performance could have been better , if you are using this phone heavy, device time would roughly be 3-4 hrs.
  • Unlocking methods are not as fast as compared to other phone in market. Face Recognition is slow and if you are using intelligent scan (face + iris recognition) even slower. Fingerprint unlocks also takes some time due to unnecessary animation.
  • AR Emojis are not as nice as advertised.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Outstanding phone!!! the phone prior to the delivery date. Upon using this phone for a month, I must say it’s a killer phone.
  2. The looking and curves of the phone are truly adorable and 12 + 12 MP Camera adds cheery to the cake, shoots photos with crisp clearness even in darkness and Face, iris & fingerprint scanner are simply superb!!!
  3. Overall the product is nice. I love Samsung… This is a beautiful looking phone with power packed performance with average to good battery life. Only thing you can’t flaunt this beauty and need to protect the glass body with a good case.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Build quality of the phone is nice. Display is the good but still there are some serious battery issues, charging too slowly and draining too fast. Don’t call it fast charge. Oneplus is far ahead in this factor.
  2. Performance not up to the mark. Advertised features like AR emoji and superslow motion recording doesn’t impress me. Battery performance is really pathetic. Only plus point I see is the camera.
  3. Not really satisfied with this product. Not good as compared to one plus 5.Which I had exchanged this phone for. The Iris scanner is too poor as compared to one plus 5.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does it have a fingerprint scanner?
Answer: Yes at the back.

Question: Does it come with wireless charging facility?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does this phone support otg?
Answer: Yes it support otg… otg is given in the box.

Question: Does it have VOLTE call option?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Back panel is made up of glass or metal?
Answer: Glass.

Question: Does this phone have iris scanner?
Answer: Yes.

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