RAZER Phone 2: Unlocked Gaming Smartphone – 120Hz Display – Snapdragon 845 – Wireless Charging – Razer Chroma – 8GB RAM – 64GB – Mirror Black Finish Pros Cons and Reviews

RAZER Phone 2 Pros:

  • The refresh rate is good for navigation and games.
  • RGB is welcomed and exclusive.
  • Boxy design is Lovely.
  • Larger than any normal battery.
  • Latest version of Android. Clean Android experience out of the box. Very rare mobile, no bloat ware clogging everything is nice,it was just nice.
  • Gorgeous display and smooth, 120/90/60hz Screen is AMAZING! It’s just awesome having, everything looks smooth and nice while scrolling.
  • The sound great when at lower volumes.
  • Mostly pure Android with Nova launcher was a breath of fresh air.
  • High Performance and Fast while accessing everything. In an instant all apps shot open.
  • Expandable storage capacity – Good call Razer.

RAZER Phone 2 Cons:

  • Higher refresh rate and background light drains battery quickly.
  • Screen was too dull in medium light. Had to adjust it a lot going from inside to outside.
  • Can’t buy the protection plan unless it’s from the website.
  • Might not get Android q.
  • At higher volumes speakers sound washed out, I had a weird speaker pop during general use, no headphone jack, speaker grill is with plastic, however battery life is terrible if you want to have the higher refresh rate.

Top positive reviews:

  1. This phone has fast performance. Its camera is awesome, iPhone x like my pics and vedios. Gaming is excellent with this phone. Everyone is amazed about long life of the battery even when I’m playing mobile games(saves tons of battery with logo light up off). Loud volume. If needed works great for a loud alarm. Refresh is instant.
  2. You Tubers are wrong about this phone, everyone is so biased because of Razers design choices not being what’s the norm. The phone is much comfortable, battery life lasts all day, the speakers are so clear and loud quality , and the camera is actually very good as long as you don’t use the pre-installed camera app. The 120Hz makes using the phone much addicting, it makes you scrolling because of its smoothness. If you’re someone that uses a phone for media consumption or gaming then this phone is the phone for absolutely you!
  3. The device itself is nice. Screen is one of the best. Colour saturation is great and it looks as good as AMOLEDs do. Quick charge 4.0 works super-fast. I was getting around 60% in about 30minutes. Chroma and razer at the back is amazing and certainly a conversation starter. Last but not least it has clean mean android experience.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Loses cell coverage continually, bottom speaker died and later top speaker died. USB-C port developed low retention within two months of ownership. So I contacted Razer and went through the RMA process. The replacement within 3 days is dropping cell signal and has a dead bottom speaker.Don’t buy this product or any other Razer product.
  2. The phone could’ve had more screen real estate. The speaker grills collects dust and all kinds of dirt fast and which is not easy to clean. The wireless charger coils are in low performance of the back of the phone, so you need to be much careful when place it on a wireless charger pad.
  3. I had this phone for a week now and it has been the biggest headache. I’m on Straight Talk (Verizon Sim) because Verizon is the only coverage where I live. Everything works well except coverage. I am not able to receive text messages. Customer support and nobody can figure this problem. This has become an absolute nightmare.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does this mobile phone support Indian carriers?
Answer: Yes, it supports all Indian bands.

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