OPPO Reno2 Z (Luminous Black, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) Pros Cons and Reviews

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OPPO Reno2 Z Pros:

  • Display and Brightness is Great
  • Signal reception and voice clarity is nice
  • No heating issues (tested for 30 mins gameplay, can’t vouch for anything more)
  • Battery performance and RAM optimisation is good enough.

OPPO Reno2 Z Cons:

  • Camera Output : Yes, it’s hard to believe as this phone is being sold as a Camera performer. Let’s be flawless on one thing. It’s an Oppo. So portrait photos are really decent but my review is purely on the hoax of the 4 cameras sitting behind my device taking up space and my money which doesn’t perform anywhere near to any phones in the similar price range. Wide angle view is grainy. Forget about 5x, even the 2x is more grainer than my older phone’s 2x. Video stabilization is just on the video ad that they might have shot with a high end video camera and dark mode is pretty much useless by any of us.
  • Audio output via headphones: They just feel regular as if it’s a Samsung M20 or a Honor 9 lite (have used these phones to listen to the same audio track using the same pair of headphones.
  • Lights on both side of the pop up front camera: We can change the colour of these lights but not sure whether there is any use for this. It’s a device as far as I am concerned.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Best phone ever bought by me, earlier one plus user, 1st time tried oppo and fortunately 1st impression is damn smart, everything is nice about the phone, should purchase guys, u can forget all phones at this range when hdfc discount and exchange of previous phone, happy customer, camera, heaphone, speaker, resolution and finger print is amazing
  2. Nice phone 7 stars but there was little drawback once we charge phone chargers temperature was to high is that anybody who faced same drawback charger problem phone too good best price best phone best camera best all factor in this phone
  3. Stylish look i actually appreciate reno Oppo Work, This mobile comes with a decent quality tampered glass that is already applied on the screen. A good silicon Case is given together with a headset however I did not use the headset yet.
  4. Pop up camera works fine. Both primary and secondary camera quality is nice. Editing option isn’t bad, because basic filp image is missed within the editor. Clock and Alarm is simple, auto snooze is missing within the alarm. Few apps from oppo is pre-installed that can’t be uninstalled.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. I like the phone had smart amount of memory feature. drawback is 48 mega pixel camera is extremely bad. it’s 10x zoom only not 20x. Even once 3x camera clarity is very poor. Camera lovers are going to be surely frustrated. Furthermore hanging issue observed throughout my operation and flash wasn’t working properly. Very bad processor at this worth. Only look is nice rest all bad.
  2. Very disappointed with the product. Front camera is detecting the photos slowly. Back camera isn’t upto mark. photos are very blur while zooming them. Getting heated throughout long usage.
  3. At this price range, this mobile does not even have NFC feature. I moved from Oneplus 3T to the present phone. Simple review, my three years old Oneplus 3T was working smooth compared to the present phone. Except camera of this phone is best than 3T.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does this mobile have dedicated memory card slot?
Answer: Yes it has a dedicated memory card.

Question: Does it have NFC?
Answer: No.

Question: Is this phone is water resistant?
Answer: No.

Question: This is fhd display?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this matel body?
Answer: No its plastic body

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