Motorola One Vision (Sapphire Gradient, 128 GB) (4 GB RAM) Pros Cons and Reviews

Motorola One Vision Pros:

  • Back camera – The back camera is really awesome. Night vision is superb. Obviously not on par with Pixel but great nevertheless.
  • Different form factor – Might require some getting used to it but feels pretty nice.
  • Moto actions – I never realized how much I missed moto actions (chop-chop torch, quick capture, moto display). BTW, it has something called attentive display which I love. If your eyes are on the screen, the brightness won’t change and the screen won’t turn off.
  • Performance – Buying this was a total gamble. It has an Exynos processor. But the Vision did not disappoint. I have over a hundred apps installed in it and am constantly multi-tasking (I don’t clear recent apps). No stuttering. Lag free mobile
  • Stock android – Nothing to say here.
  • (Bonus pro) it’s very pretty.

Motorola One Vision Cons:

  • Front cam – There is significant smoothing in selfies.
  • Punch hole – The punch hole could be smaller (comparison – M40).
  • No dual Volte – I felt transported 2 years in the past when I realized only one of the SIMs got Volte and the other showed nil.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Really wonderful Camera 48mp with 8x zoom. Wow Quality. 4k recording. 1080 hd pixel, Also 24 mp Selfie nice, Great display, Better performance, Picture Quality is much higher than, Other Device. It’s Moto Camera.
  2. Moto One Vision is that the best mobile phone I have ever used. I did lot of study and comparison with alternative brands, no doubt Moto One Vision is way higher in terms of various aspects, that we’ll expect while buying a phone at this price range or budget.
  3. Amazing handset …… glorious performance With outstanding Camera options …. in keeping with my prospective it’s battery is sufficient for a day …if we tend to use it as per our want. At the end , this product proves smart price for cash.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Touch and display isn’t operating properly touch is absolutely horrible it’s hard and not responding for one touch it’s responding for 3-5 touch and that i faced a pathetic scenario therefore my suggestion is to think twice before buying not buying is a best choice from my aspect.
  2. very dangerous quality. Motorola have fallen terribly badly. it had been my favorite brand once but currently it has been simply 2 months and currently i’m very sad. it’s doesn’t have a call recorder.. you’ll imagine how irritating it’s.
  3. Touch isn’t smooth , it’s some delay to respond. Camera quality isn’t good because it should be for 48 MP camera. This phone has 48 MP sensor only , you’ll click photos of 12 MP quality.

Question and Answers:

Question: Is call recording available in this mobile?
Answer: No.

Question: Is this phone is water proof?
Answer: Not waterproof…it is splash proof.

Question: Is Motorola one vision is metal body?
Answer: No it is not metal body.

Question: Does headphones comes with this box?
Answer: No.

Question: Is it has type c cable or micro usb cable?
Answer: Type c.

Question: Does it support Dual 4G Standby. So both the sim will work on 4G at a same time?
Answer: No.

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