Motorola One Action (Denim Blue, 128 GB) Pros Cons and Reviews

Motorola One Action Pros:

  • Display is good
  • Camera performance is great
  • Smooth usage
  • Dolby sound amazing
  • Beautiful back cover
  • Look like premium

Motorola One Action Cons:

  • Battery drains quickly

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Motorola one action is basically well equipped for every day to day life uses likewise for gamers not for heavy gamers… nice performance on multitasking and every one… camera quality is thus smart… display is additionally nice… color s are accurate i cm say… the size may be a bit taller however trust me you can like it while using it and have nice grip and taller aspects help you to read books and all… battery life is also good if you turned off all the unnecessary things like location etc keep in mind i kept my web always on and brightness is set to medium for a moderate use with 1hr pubg i get around 20hr of battery life on a full charge.
  2. very interesting smartphone during this price phase and camera is extremely nice, Sound is awful, display look too smart ,colors are punchy, fast charge is also ok, front camera with full hd ,full hd 60 fps, 4k recording totally flagship level, play pubg sort of a professional with flagship level smooth with extreme fps and hdr with ultra fps
  3. The trust of Motorola and android One makes this device the most effective smartphone below 15,000. Action camera is simply wonderful. Even someone who does not like using camera usually will fall in love with this smartphone.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Low battery, Camera is nice, about performance, it’s low performance with reference to the other same range phones. Low battery and smart camera.
  2. The battery drain quickly and whereas you set the phone on charge it gets heating. I actually have used MI phones and as compare to mi note 7 pro this phone is simply a trash. Very slow process. You have got to type twice on some keywords. This phone is lacking most of the time.
  3. Normal camera option. Need a lot of option for camera. Better video quality. One day battery life. Look is very very smart. Easy to carry and handle.

Question and Answers:

Question: Is it Waterproof mobile?
Answer: It is certified for IPX2 water protection against light splashes of water and rain.

Question: Does this mobile have 4G?
Answer: Yes. In fact, it has Dual 4G VoLTE with Dual Standby.

Question: What About Software updates of this mobile?
Answer: Its AndroidOne which ensures 2 Guaranteed software updates (Android 10 & 11)

Question: Quick charging is available?
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: How many ports for sim and memory card slots in moto one action?
Answer: Hybrid sim slot, you can choose either 2 Sims or 1 sim and micro SD card

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