Moto E6s (Polished Graphite, 64 GB) Pros Cons and Reviews

Moto E6s Pros:

  • 4GB Ram and 64 GB Memory. Even after update still 52 GB left. It’s too much enough…
  • Speed : Good and Responsive
  • View and Look: Looking is great
  • Removable Battery
  • Water Drop Notch
  • Glossy finish
  • Less weight and Handy
  • Nice Camera

Moto E6s Cons:

  • Battery : It takes 3 hours for full Charge
  • Slippery in hand.
  • No Headphones

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. The product finishing is awesome and the glossy cover which really attract everyone’s attention. drawback is that unavailability of earphone otherwise everything is alright at this price range and one thing needs to be notice is that it’s battery backup is not good and the charging time which takes very long these are disappointing
  2. By using heavy weight phones like 200 / 205 grams my fingers pains daily and when I go to bed now Moto e6s I obey that other features are satisfactory but the price is also too low and coming to the point this phone is only 149 grams now I can use this phone without any pain that’s it.
  3. Wow I’m writing this helpful review to you, except battery remaining all are very nice, office person and normal, medium users can buy this and it is good choice. We can compare camera to mi, real me , Samsung based on its budget range this model is fantastic , gamers don’t buy this because battery drain within 5 hour like pubg game. My point of view: very good and lite weight mobile for moderate users.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Good at this price, camera is very blurry and the phone lags in basic tasks like changing tabs and apps. Update : all the games are almost unplayable even the ones that came out years ago for instance. Too much lag. Disappointed with Motorola this time. Not worth a buy.
  2. I thought Moto will give always strong and best Mobiles, But very disappoint with this Model. I felt its waste of money and wanted to return it. But they rejected the return policy even in same day.Kindly don’t waste your money as the product quality is not good.
  3. Rapid charging is a false. Taking more than 3 hrs to get full charge. Body material is of cheap quality. Camera is better but processing is slow. Touch screen also very poor. overall not competitive to other Moto or same range Mi phones.

Question and Answers:

Question: Can we connect pen drive through OTG adaptor?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it support dual volte?
Answer: Yes.

Question: what is the average time for full charge taken?
Answer: Approx 3hrs.

Question: Can motorolla e6s have fingerprints unlock?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Type c is there?
Answer: No.

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