HTC One X9 Carbon Grey, Smart Phone Pros Cons and Reviews

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HTC One X9 pros:

  • Build quality is very nice and gives premium looks.
  • Screen clarity is very great
  • Front facing stereo speakers produces good sound(after some adjustments with equalizers)
  • Found no lag in daily use.(lag free mobile)

HTC One X9 Cons:

  • It is very inefficient while handling 4g networks, got heat up and battery drains quickly, mainly when connected to lte.
  • Screen clarity is nice but viewing angles are not good.
  • User interface is messed up which is not easy to customize.
  • Camera performance is poor in lowlight and camera quality is below average.
  • It doesn’t even have mediatek processor it is AARCH64 2GHZ PROCESSOR.
  • No finger print but at this budget Fingerprint is expected.
  • Fast charging would be a delight.

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. Amazing product! Best in class mobile. Much more graceful than cheap brands. At this range no other product can be compared.
    Flawless performance and ruthless killer in Android market… Go blindly for HTC…
  2. Attractive design, love holding it. Super-fast octa core processor and 3GB Ram. Camera at its best. Contains slow motion capture, time lapse, pro mode, selfie mode etc. Guys believe me this product will surely satisfy you! Except the battery life which is average, drains very fast while multitasking. Buy it.
  3. It’s a decent phone and is quite underrated. The 5.5 inch screen has good display and looks classy but the resolution need to little larger. Also lack of latest Nougat update is a disappointment.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. It is a decent phone and too costly for this range and screen guards other accessories are not even available in local market. HTC should shut down its production.
  2. Worst phone ever, Camera sucks, its camera is like 2 mega pixels and Htc x9 not support volte, battery drains fast running 4 hour, slow processing.
  3. Not satisfactory… HTC quality has dropped. I have been using htc since 9 years… Feels sad to say… HTC is now just like other phones.. Poor Quality… no best features for the money paid… Not worth admiring anymore.. I switched to one plus 3t… now I’m satisfied…

Question and Answers:

Question: Is this mobile having 4g sim on both slots?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it lte or volte?
Answer: LTE.

Question: Does this mobile have fingerprint sensor
Answer: No.

Question: Does 2 sim cards with micro SD card can be handled at same time?
Answer: Yes, You can use 2 sims with micro SD at same time.

Question: Does it supports 4k type picture and video?
Answer: Yes.

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