Apple iPhone XR Pros Cons and Reviews

Apple iPhone-XR-Proc and Cons
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Apple iPhone XR Pros:

  • Available in all of the bright colours.
  • Apple’s A11 bionic chipset performance is extraordinary.
  • It takes good portrait shorts even with single rear camera.
  • It supports the 3D touch feature.
  • Battery backup is great.

Apple iPhone XR Cons:

  • There is no optical zoom capability.
  • Fast charger and 3.5mm adapter are not provided in the box.
  • Gets heated up after a long period of usage.

Top positive reviews:

  1. The phone has a unique build and a pretty feel in hands. Compares to 6s, It was a bit too wide, but It’ll grow on you.
  2. The RED is by far the best colour among available. And this is one of the best battery backup mobile in the smart phone market. Charging is also fast if you use a fast charger.
  3. IPhone unbelievable performance with super-fast 3D face lock and much more ever ..

Top negative reviews:

  1. The brand new iPhone XR went dead within 2 weeks of purchase! After spending so much money in buying a top of the line product, one doesn’t expect this. And I’m left stranded without a phone while dealing with a personal emergency.
  2. Further, the Apple help line or service centres are not open on Sundays.
  3. I expected more from Apple if they’re serious about the Indian market and if they have to charge a premium for their products.
  4. Some time there are few network issues. Price is little high as it is an apple product compared to other available in market. If you are iPhone lover the u can go for it.

Question and Answers:

Questions: Does iPhone XR support quick Charging?
Answers: Fast charging is the most relevant and important feature in flagship mobiles
IPhone XR supports fast charging which you can charge in less time.

Questions: How many SIM card slots are there?
Answers: Two SIMs, one is a Nano SIM and the other is eSIM.

Questions: Does it have In-display figure print sensor?
Answers: It doesn’t have finger print sensor. Since it is provides 3D Face id and also passcode.

Questions: How long the battery lasts?
Answers: For an average person it lasts up to one and half day of battery life.

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