Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Cobalt (Newest Version) Pros Cons Reviews

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Pros:

  • Beautiful touchscreen display: This stands very good when comparing it to the MacBook Pro.
  • Amazing performance: I personally have compared the Surface Laptop 2 side by side to the MacBook Pro to get a decent comparison but the Surface definitely gets the job done.
  • Amazing design: The metal design on the outside of the laptop gives it a very smooth and premium texture.
  • The laptop has decent brightness, if you are working outdoors, it is pretty good.
  • Surface runs all of its programs smoothly.
  • With at least 8GB of ram you can run many tasks at once without any delay, it stood up excellent to just about everything I threw at it. As long as you’re not hard-core gaming on it, the laptop runs smoothly.
  • The laptop also has the alcantara fabric around the touchpad and keyboard. This makes typing easier on your wrists.
  • Along with the design the laptop is fairly light weight and easy to carry around without much effort.
  • The battery life is awesome on this laptop.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Cons:

  • Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C: It lacks Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports. Although it’s basically an upgrade from last year’s model it would have been good if they implemented both of these in this laptop, but personally it isn’t a deal breaker.
  • Windows 10 Home: This laptop comes with Windows 10 Home, but not the Pro version.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. This is an awesome laptop. It charges really fast and the battery life is pretty nice. I love that it starts right up and recognizes your face as soon as you open this. It is durable and super-fast. I use it mainly for taking exams, Microsoft office, and other things for school. I love the draw feature on it especially for lectures. Overall, I have been pleased with this laptop and I would definitely recommend. It is super-fast and light weight as well.
  2. The Surface is very good. The keyboard is comfortable. Thankfully to it. I haven’t tested it “liquid proof” design. Screen clarity is good. It holds a battery charge as good as every other lap top I have owned. Upgrades to the Windows operating system are, and a huge improvement. Overall I’m happy with the lap top.
  3. The battery timing is nice, the charging takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the laptop. There is no fan noise in this laptop, even if the CPU is working at its fully capacity.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. The sound quality is average not recommended for listening music. Face recognition is not good sometimes it doesn’t even recognize but when it does, it is very quick. I don’t know after how many years or months the battery will start losing its battery health.
  2. The Wi-Fi adapter sucks, as, it barely works. Google it. Nowadays, consistent and adequate Wi-Fi performance should have to be given. Other brands of laptops do it. How can Microsoft screw up such an obvious thing
  3. It shut down randomly sometimes? It’s not an issue with the fan or anything, I’m an engineer. It just does that randomly and customer support hasn’t helped. I expect the Tesla of laptops to work well 24/7 unfortunately that’s not the case for this laptop.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does this Laptop comes with an AC power cord?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What version of Windows comes this Laptop?
Answer: Surface Laptop 2 comes with Windows 10 Home.

Question: Does it have a thunderbolt 3 port?
Answer: It has 1 USB and type c.

Question: How many and what type of ports does this Laptop have?
Answer: 1 X USB A port, 1 X mini display port, 1 X 3.5mm headphone jack and 1 X Surface connect port.

Question: What material does it made of? (Beside the alcantara cover)
Answer: Surface Laptop 2 features an aluminium body.

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