Google Pixelbook (i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB) Pros Cons and Reviews

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Google Pixelbook Pros:

  • Rough metal case that disperses heat.
  • Runs Linux with some Steam games.
  • Bright ,colourful, and clear display.
  • Very fast performance.
  • Light weight model.
  • Portable.
  • Can extend desktop to another display with addition of a USB-C minidock (I’m using the UtechSmart 11-in-1 USB-C hub).
  • Touchpad is VERY reactive.
  • Boots up VERY quickly (about 3-5 seconds from power-on to login screen).
  • Apps load fast and internet surfing is quick.
  • Photos open quickly and can be edited on-the-fly.
  • There are a large number of Apps already available that are geared toward the Chomebooks to take advantage of the more powerful processors/memory.
  • Already built-in Linux capability.
  • Possible future support for Windows 10.

Google Pixelbook Cons:

  • Some apps have minor visual bugs when switching between laptop mode and tablet mode.
  • The left USB-C port sometimes stops working when the mini dock is connect to the left side port but is easily fixed with a hard shut down and restart process.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. I had a very high end MacBook Pro, which is now collecting dust. 99% of my life occurs in a browser window, and this machine is just stable with fast processing. It also drives my widescreen LG monitor perfectly, and every peripheral I’ve tried just works (headsets, Kinesis Keyboard, etc). The stability of this machine makes it all worth for my work. Google and Microsoft OSs are fast and responsive…. too much craft. This machine is a fast and simple.
  2. Highly flexible and super-portable system. Amazing keyboard for extended use. Key decision criteria are being able to run Android apps from the Google Play Store and full Linux apps on Chrome OS through Google’s Project Crostini.
  3. I am pleased with the size and very quick response of this Google Pixel Book. High price, but I feel it was worth for my money which I have spent. (You get what you pay for). I would recommend it.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. This machine started out great at first but gradually started having issues. Within only 6 months of usage am so disheartened. The machine’s battery doesn’t last and once the battery dies, it takes forever to charge. As of now, my machine won’t even turn on regardless of how long the battery has been charging today. There is no way to get this resolved because you can only chat with a representative- they have not provided even a phone number to call.
  2. My pixel book disappointed me because it cannot simply cast to Samsung TV screen without a Chrome cast. I have to buy a Chrome cast. This is extra expenses not needed.
  3. The left side of the USB-C went dead on HDMI playback, trouble shoot with Google support, and had to do a new install on the software. Machine is working average and still losing video feed from HDMI but it will reconnect by itself. Machine is about two weeks old. Pretty expensive for a machine doing this.

Question and Answers:

Question: Can this load third party software like adobe Photoshop?
Answer: No.

Question: Does this support adobe flash player?
Answer: Yes. It does.

Question: Is it 512 GB SSD storage?
Answer: Yes it is.

Question: Does this have chrome pixel book have Bluetooth capability?
Answer: Yes. It had Bluetooth capability and very efficient.

Question: Does android apps supported as yet?
Answer: Yes. Android apps work just fine on this model.

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