Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 1.8GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) – Silver Pros Cons and Reviews

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Apple MacBook Air Pros

  • Super-fast response time and Light weight
  • This avoids any kind of process lag and highly optimized
  • Beautiful looks and textures like a prime product
  • Battery life is Long and amazing sound clarity

Apple MacBook Air Cons

  • Insufficient memory
  • Only a Limited softwares is available
  • Operating system is not user-friendly

Top Positive Reviews

  1. Amazing product, it gives lot of happiness and full of happy. It’s totally different from windows.
  2. Good and genuine product!! Well done Apple
  3. It’s wonderful….. Battery is around 10 -12 hrs….. Best laptop for students

Top Negative Reviews

  1. Issue with Charger and it is not working properly
  2. Not worth to buy such a highly priced product. It’s repairing costs is high than the actual CP. This is horrible. Had to spend another 45000 for repairing its logic board.

Question and Answers

Question: Is this with 7th gen processor?

Answer: No, It has 5th Generation Processor. 

Question:  On this laptop can i additionally add 1tb hard disk ?

Answer: YES. You can add External Hard disks.

Question: Is it has good choice for programming?

Answer: Yes, as the memory and processing power of this system is good enough to run heavy computation jobs.

Question: Can i handle solid works 3d software in this?

Answer: Yes. You can as it is compatible.

Question: Does this laptop allows user to play heavy games, videos, or any other things ?

Answer: This is not for heavy gaming.

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