Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera with 8X Optical Zoom (Black) Pros Cons and Reviews

Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot 20.1 MP Point and Shoot Camera
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Sony DSC Camera Pros:

  • Comes with Mike.
  • Daylight photo is amazing, just like mini DSLR.
  • Auto Focusing mode works really good, but sometimes doesn’t catch the focus. No worried about this.
  • Filters are nice, but need to improve.

Sony DSC Camera Cons:

  • Low light mode and Night portrait mode doesn’t work without tripod.
  • Video quality is not so remarkable.
  • Panorama mode doesn’t have 360° angle.
  • If I use full 8x optical zoom, then focusing is so difficult (not possible) and image quality fall poorly.
  • No WiFi and NFC

Top Positive Reviews:

  1. This is good for click photos any time and photo quality is good when compared with mobile camera quality and video quality in a day shoot is very nice but night shoot without lighting not good, but day shoot video quality very good. The video quality only 720p resolution not full HD record.
  2. It is very easy to use and does have simple user interface. Sony has worked hard on providing the best value for money that is accessible to all camera lovers. I have been using it for nearly a year and I must say for most of the casual occasions; this is the most effective, smallest camera that one can carry around.
  3. Best budget point and shoot camera way better camera in its segment all other par lags behind… Great quality pictures, easy to capture high resolution images overall good experience with this product, guys go for it…

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. I bought it for taking medical pictures. Picture quality is poor especially the color rendition. The physical button for clicking photo does not have a half press for focus which you expect in a camera.
  2. When I took the photos in low light (darkness) with flash, I found lots of amount of red color on in picture…so it’s very hard to recognize the picture in night… otherwise good camera for day(during day light) photography…
  3. Width of the camera is less than the dimensions mentioned. Power on and off button is not provided outside. It is present inside the hole. So it is very hard to switch on and off the camera. Every time I have to use my nail for power on and off.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does image stabilization and manual focus available?
Answer: Inbuilt stabilization very good… No manual focus.

Question: Does this have hdmi output and mic input?
Answer: No.

Question: Does this camera water proof? Can it be used underwater?
Answer: No.

Question: Does this camera contain slow motion video capture?
Answer: No.

Question: Does it can be connected with selfi sick?
Answer: Yes.

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