Sony Alpha A6000L 24.3MP Mirrorless Camera (Black) + 16-50mm Lens with Memory Card and Carry Case Pros Cons and Reviews

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Sony Alpha Pros:

  • Articulating LCD Screen.
  • Image quality is brilliant.
  • Autofocus system is Super-fast.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Build quality is great.
  • Very compact.
  • Great connectivity options- wifi.

Sony Alpha Cons:

  • Battery life is below average.
  • Accessories are highly expensive, Lenses are not cheap.
  • No touchscreen.

Top Positive review:

  1. It’s very useful camera for those who don’t want to carry much weight like DSLR and functions and images quality is like DSLR… very easy to shoot snaps and video. It is Little bit delicate piece and It should be handled carefully.
  2. It’s a great camera for a beginner. Till date I don’t have any complaint with the camera but I do have issues with the Sony eco system. The lens collection for apsc sony camera are limited and very expensive. You’ll have to settle for adapting lenses to shoot on a new lens.
  3. I am not a photographer but a traveller. Since I purchased this my photos have become 100 times improved. I’m interested in making guitar videos. I don’t need to worry about the pic and videos but just the frame. If you’re intended to buy any camera just go for it. Better models may come in future. But it will serve my purpose for years to come.
  4. If you’re photography it’s really great camera, but you will need time to get the hang of it. Superb in low lighting as well as in daylight. Great camera.

Top Negative review:

  1. Poor quality product. Package was opened. Suspect if it’s genuine. By seeing many good reviews I bought Sony a6000 before couple of months. I use to do landscape photography.
  2. My experience for this camera: It’s not an alternative of DSLR cameras. In terms of body weight a6000 is very light and it gives incorrect image balance especially in landscape photography. In-built balancer is absent in this camera body. This is the major disadvantage of this camera according to me.
  3. when i got this camera I was happy with its performance. But after moving out of a beginner level and when I’m trying to purchase new lens i am much tied up on the lens options and poor availability of the lens and the cost of the lens is high. The lenses are expensive the options are not great like canon or Nikon. The Kit lens are just good for beginner level photography but not beyond that. I wish i would have realized earlier but i was a beginner at that time. The only option for me is to buy an adapter and go for other mount lenses and also the adapter is quite expensive.

Question and Answers:

Question: Does the seller for this equipment supply an SD card with the Sony a6000?
Answer: Yes got a 8GB SD card.

Question: Does Sony alpha 6000 is a DSLR camera or not?
Answer: Technically it is not a DSLR camera but for all practical purposes it behaves like one as a matter of fact better!!

Question: Does the lens removable?
Answer: Yes this is interchangeable lens camera.

Question: Can I charge this camera from mi power bank or mi car charger?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What do we get inside the package other than camera?
Answer: Memory card and a Carry bag.

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