Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera (Black) Pros Cons and Reviews

Canon EOS 1500D Pros and Cons
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Canon Camera Pros:

  • Camera is very easy to use.
  • Battery backup is decent. It is of 500 shots.
  • Live mode operation is not lagging.
  • WiFi connectivity for sharing.
  • Light weight body.
  • Easy to use.
  • cannon best lenses support with best blur with 55-250 lens.
  • Various modes of Camera is great
  • Natural Colour.
  • Fast autofocus.
  • Best fit for beginners and students.

Canon Camera Cons:

  • Focus motor sound is little annoying.
  • In low light auto focus is poor.
  • Very less auto focus points.
  • During focussing a subject, unnecessary flash blinking.
  • Due to auto focus problem it is not recommended for videos.
  • Plastic build all around.
  • Bluetooth is not available.

Top Positive review:

  1. Good quality photos getting from 24px, really a good start for beginners. Easy to handle, wifi functionality is awesome. Price is little bit high.
  2. Good camera. Perfect product for beginners and students. Useful product for nature, in-house, functions, and spare time photography. Take high quality photos, videos, portrait, landscape wildlife, nature photos.
  3. Picture quite is amazing in both day light as well as low light. Several modes of camera features are great. I am still learning the different modes of camera for taking pictures. For beginners it’s little difficult to handle but, if you don’t understand anything there is an auto mode that can be used. Quality of photos comes better when you set the camera manually.

Top Negative review:

  1. Auto focus is not up to the mark. Minimum aperture is 4.5, so don’t expect much in portrait. While focusing manually there is a play sound for the lense (18-55 mm) so that there is a chance for getting missing your focus even though if you made it correctly. Easy to operate compared to Nikon models.
  2. Cannot capture fast moving subjects, due to its poor auto focus performance as expected. It takes about 3 to 6 seconds to focus in internal lighting conditions and it fail to focus several times in low lights. Plastic built quality is poor.
  3. The battery is faulty…. Even when not in use battery drains off. It does not support the studio lights by trigger. Cannot attach flashgun. It was working well with 18-55 lens, but when I move to 55-255 the performance was poor.

Question and Answers:

Question: Will this camera support canon EF 50mm lens?
Answer: Yes it support 50 mm lens.

Question: Camera is the body made of?
Answer: Hard plastic which is very nice.

Question: Does it support auto sync of picture taken to a smart phone?
Answer: Yes it support auto sync of picture taken to a smart phone.

Question: Does this camera support canon telephoto lens?
Answer: Yes, it support with canon telephoto lens.

Question: Does this camera come with carry case?
Answer: Yes, It comes with carry bag and 16gb SD card also.

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