Midea 3 Star Split AC 1.0 Ton – White (12K 3 STAR SANTIS PRO CLS R32(MF001)/FIXED SPEED R32 ODU(MF001), Copper Condenser) Pros Cons and Reviews

Midea 3 Star Split AC Pros:

  • Great product at this price.
  • Installation was done by Midea and guys are nice in nature and done perfect installation.
  • Installed AC in 10×10 sqft room is enough cool room in 10 to 15min.
  • Indoor and outdoor unit is silent.
  • It take 10 min to cool room at 27 c (set temp from remote) when outside temperature is 38 C.

Midea 3 Star Split AC Cons:

  • Installation charges are quite high.
  • External unit is little bit big.
  • Remote control is not user friendly.

Top Positive reviews:

  1. Midea 1 ton air conditioner is nice product. Less noise, great cooling in small room. My room size 95sqft and midea is so capable for cooling. Decent Look. Delivered me very fast on date .. But installation process is not good and very costly. Later I called local ac service person he visited and install the AC very gently and charged only 500 rupees.
  2. Outstanding A/c… Undoubtedly go for it. Suitable for my room 10×15. Truly nice product. Excellent installation by team midea. Prefer brand installation instead. Don’t get trapped by other big brand. Have to spend 3000 more for light fitting labour + material and ac installation. Relaxed with this AC… Too nice. Top in class. Must go for it.
  3. Superb AC. Delivery and same day installation. Cooling is also great. Highly recommended to go for it.

Top Negative Reviews:

  1. Poor quality product. Takes much time to cool down. Much noise from outside unit. Faulty air flow deflectors, even if I choose to flow horizontal it remain stable. It only worked vertical.
  2. The AC works nice. Chills the room quickly. The problem is too much noise from the outdoor unit. Really a lot of noise compared to other ACs. I have put the outdoor unit in the balcony, still too much noise coming from it.
  3. There is more hidden cost than what they show at site. They charge extra cost for outdoor unit stand and for drain pipe, installation cost is expensive. Also they will mention it as no cost emi but bank will charge you interest…

Question and Answers:

Question: What is the monthly power unit by using 8 hours per months?
Answer: If u use average 10 hour per day it’s tack 5 to 6 units.

Question: How much area in sq ft a 1 ton ac can cool?
Answer: 110sq ft.

Question: Does it have copper or aluminium coil?
Answer: Copper coil.

Question: Does this AC have temp display on front side?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can this AC required stabilizer?
Answer: Yes, you may need to buy separate stabilizer.

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